030: Dr. Will Moreland: Lead The Life You Love

A father that was in jail, a single mother of two and living in what was considered the worst city in America doesn’t sound like a recipe for success. Throw in a low self-esteem, a speech impediment and a sense of hopelessness and you will have the beginning of Dr. Will Moreland’s journey.

Growing up in Compton, California at a time where the drug problem, gang violence and murder rate was at an all time, Dr. Will made a critical CHOICE in his life. He wasn’t going to let his start determine his finish.

Over the last two decades he has studied and implemented the tools, habits and mental perspective it takes for anyone to achieve success in life. He has read over 500 books, listened to countless audios and video recordings on the subject of personal development, leadership and success, and has been mentored by some of the most respected people in the arena of personal development and business development.

Since 2001, when Dr. Will finished his time serving in the United States Army, and was released with an Honorable Discharge, he has presented over 1700 presentation on Leadership, Personal and Business Development, Team Development and Success.

During this episode Nicole and Dr. Will explore the keys to leading a life you love and how to become a student of leadership who elevates others at the same time.  Nicole and Dr. Will also discuss valuable tips and insights on work-life harmony as opposed to work-life balance which many find impossible to achieve.

As Dr. Will points out, everyone is a leader – the question is, what kind of leader are you?  Listen in to this enlightening interview and find out!

For more information on Dr. Will, search “DrWillSpeaks” on social media or visit www.willmoreland.com.