127: Rachel Hamm: Beyond Healing – Finding Your Promised Land

Transformational Coach, Rachel Hamm, is no stranger to painful past experiences. Abused by a pastor as a child, she grew into adulthood with anxiety, fear, depression, struggling in an emotional wilderness that she wasn’t even aware of.

It was only through her healing journey that Rachel discovered that there was a promised land available to her, waiting on the other side.  A state where she could “thrive on all cylinders” and enjoy freedom and healing at her core.

Today, Rachel Hamm empowers others to take this journey; to find their promised land, and free themselves from their painful past experiences and be everything they were created to be.  She calls herself a passionate liberationist who loves to see people live their highest social potential.  Her brand-new book “Life Beginnings” which leads readers to their promised land, is now available on Amazon, Kindle, as well as iBooks.

Key Takeways

1) Ask, and God will give you back seven times what was stolen from you.

2) Judge not, but do exercise discernment when allowing people into your life.

3) Honesty is a key step in your healing process.

4) If you feel anxious, be honest with safe, trustworthy people and you’ll find a good portion of your anxiety will dissipate simply by sharing how you’re feeling.

5) There is a cost to healing but it’s worth it.

Favorite Quotes

1) “A healed version of ourselves is better than an unwounded version.”

2) “The brave choose healing.”

Recommended Resource

Life Beginning, by Rachel Hamm

Miracle Mind Mastery Course

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Rachel Hamm Bio

Rachel Hamm is a passionate liberationist! She lives to see people become free; emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Her greatest joy consists of helping others overcome impediments that have kept them living below their highest social potential.

For a couple of decades Rachel had to fight her way out of the effects of a traumatic childhood: depression, panic attacks, poverty, abuse, and rejection. In her struggle to overcome so many obstacles, Rachel discovered the secrets and powerful tools that it takes to live free. She believes that all the success in the world means nothing if you don’t have a healthy mindset, and a vibrant emotional and spiritual life. It is that belief that has Rachel devoting her life to consulting, speaking, writing, and leading people into radically transformed, free lives.

She has spent her own blood, sweat, tears, and a whole lot of money to learn the secrets wisdom, and strategy that she’s now teaching others so that they can live the amazing life that she enjoys everyday.

Rachel and her husband Marshall have been married for twenty years and have four sons. They live in California and are enjoying an adventurous life together.