152: Christopher J. Wirth: It’s Always Too Early To Quit!

Christopher J. Wirth is the Founder and President of No Quit Living. NQL works with individuals, families, teams and corporations to help improve accountability, effectiveness and efficiency. In today’s world there is much negativity flowing throughout social media. No Quit Living motivates and inspires their clients to never give up on themselves or their goals.

Christopher is also the host of the No Quit Living Podcast, rated as a top 50 Business Podcast on iTunes. He regularly interviews top business leaders on the subject of accountability, sales, leadership and mentorship.

In our conversation with Christopher, he shares how and where he developed his “No Quit” attitude, beginning with his coaching career as a basketball coach at the high school, AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and collegiate level. He goes on to explain the difference between accountability to yourself vs to a coach or mentor, along with his favorite time maximization technique.

Wondering if/when it’s time to cut your losses? Christopher addresses this common entrepreneurial question along with his tips for developing resiliency and persevering through tough times.

Quoting Norman Vincent Peale, Christopher says, “It’s always too early to quit!”

Key Takeaways

1) Before you can be accountable to someone else, you first have to be accountable to yourself.

2) You need to hold yourself to a higher level of accountability than others do.

3) Every person gets challenged; the question is how do you handle the adversity?

4) When coaching others, the end result is the goal, but you can still make it fun by keeping it positive.

5) Encouragers are never forgotten.

6) People are going to give up on you, but you don’t give up on yourself.

7) You can always make more money but you can’t make more time.

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