155: Julia Jackson: Top Tips For Getting Booked On Podcasts

Often referred to as the Podcast Matchmaker, Julia Jackson, Founder of Interviews On Demand, helps you get on quality podcasts that connect you with your ideal audience. In our chat with Julia, she shares valuable tips on how to do that – tools you need, and how to avoid the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in trying to get booked on podcasts.

A single mom and work-at-home entrepreneur, Julia also shares her journey from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world, getting laid off from a job she loved, to launching a business that puts her in control of her income and her time.

Are you a massive introvert or doubt that you have anything to share on a podcast? Julia’s story will inspire and empower you to use podcasting to get your message out there.

Key Takeaways

1) The path to success is not linear.

2) Podcasting speaks to everyone. No matter what you’re interested in talking about, podcasting offers a platform to connect with like-minded people.

3) Podcasting is a catalyst for opportunity.

4) Have a one-sheet that you can send to podcast hosts – include your bio, photo, topic, social links and contact information.

5) When preparing for a podcast interview, be ready with your speaking points and a call to action for listeners who want more information from you afterwards.

6) Podcasting is quickly becoming the new university. Hosting a podcast will soon be a necessary part of every business, especially for online service providers.

7) You don’t have to be the expert or the leader, just be in service of others.

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