Chella Diaz spent over 20 years in the lending industry and witnessed just how much people struggled to manage money, regardless how much they made.

Chella Diaz

Chella Diaz

Chella has been a money magnet since she was a teen – she bought her car when she was 17 and her house at 23 years old, and now shares her simple system for creating wealth to youth and women.  She is on a mission to empower them to have a wealthy life, on any budget. She facilitates a financial literacy game called “Keys To Your Destiny” as well as workshops for women, teaching them the 3 Steps To Keeping Your Bank Account Full.

Money management doesn’t have to be difficult or restrictive, however it must include a few fundamental steps, which is the basis of Chella’s programs.

Her motto is: “It does not matter how much money you make, what counts is how much you save.”


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