Giving women a greater range of choices.

Jesse Whitten

Jesse Whitten

Jesse Whitten is the Director of Ambassador Development at Save the Storks, an organization that partners with pregnancy resource centers across the country to give abortion-vulnerable women a greater range of choices and support, in a compassionate and non-judgmental way.

Jesse is a former police officer and detective, whose heart for protecting innocent people led him and his wife to move to Colorado Springs with their three daughters, so they could work with Save The Storks and further their cause.

Every day, 3000 babies are aborted in the US. That’s over 1 million per year. 75% of the mothers who make the decision to abort their child live far below the poverty line and feel they have no other option.

Save The Storks offers them other options, along with access to the support to see it through. Since 2011, they have saved over 1000 mothers and their babies, and 4 out of 5 women who experience an ultrasound from one of their mobile medical units, choose to have their baby.

In this eye-opening and inspiring interview, Jesse shares the team’s passion and purpose, and how they are re-branding the pro-life movement – away from the angry picket lines, to a place where mothers are loved and accepted, no matter what decision they make.

For more information or to donate or get involved:storks-logo-circle

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