What does it take to truly be a champion?

Dayne Gingrich

Dayne Gingrich

As a former professional athlete, Dayne Gingrich quickly learned that success wasn’t based on physical talent alone, but rather the ability to mentally prepare for unrelenting tests of character.

He took the lessons he learned as an athlete and turned them into his life-long purpose – impacting people’s lives by shifting their mindsets.

With a vision of helping others live a life of confidence and passion, Dayne’s mental performance coaching is aimed at elevating your belief in what you’re capable of achieving and aligning your mindset with those new expectations.

In today’s conversation with Dayne, we explore what differentiates those who are champions, from those who are capable but just don’t make it. It’s so much more than ability, as Dayne candidly points out through his own climb to success. How did he go from planning to commit suicide to being a performance coach for athletes and sales leaders? Dayne shares the specific things that helped him out of the dark places, and gave him to courage to endure the tough times. Success is not easy, but it’s worth it.

Key Takeaways

  1. Success is not sexy, it’s hard work.
  2. Don’t be afraid to be transparent and honest on social media. Showing the struggle helps those who are going through the same things not feel alone.
  3. The 1% mindset isn’t just about the top of the mountain; it’s about the climb, the journey and the transparency along the way.
  4. When you’re at your lowest point, find some internal drive inside of you that’s beyond yourself, and make a decision to outlast the time it takes to succeed. One day, one step. One day, one step.
  5. Stay out of the “how” until you can clearly articulate your vision of possibility. What does it look like when you succeed? Fight the instinct of going into the limiting beliefs, “I can’t” and the inner story looping about why it’s going to be so difficult.
  6. Your strategies and mechanics are reliant on your self-belief.
  7. Endurance of the struggle is the foundation for achieving success.

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