Master Body Language Programmer, Rick Ronquillo, has a unique ability to understand and teach the art and science of body language, otherwise known as non-verbal communication.

Rick Ronquillo

Rick Ronquillo

Rick, a native from Guatemala immigrated to the United States, became obsessed with communication at the age of 10 when upon entering Chicago, a culturally diverse city with a large Hispanic population, he soon realized that not all Spanish speakers were alike. This U.S. melting pot of multiple cultures, the diversity and complexity of cultures, regionalisms and languages brought confusion and frustration when trying to learn the language. These childhood experiences and his need for acceptance led him to his obsession of studying the art of communication from every possible angle: verbal, written and especially body language.

Rick has since had the fortune to meet and learn from international world class masters, coaches and experts from every imaginable industry during his involvement with the Robbins Research Companies. This platform gave him the opportunity to hone his speaking and presentation skills with literally thousands of people from all walks of life, languages and cultures. His ability to differentiate NLP from the art of Body language led him to pursue one of his dreams and produce a CD series named “The Secrets of World Class Communications” with renown professionals Linda Coleman Willis, and Ian Rich.

Body Language is proven to make up 55% of our communication.  During this interview, Rick shares many excellent tips on how to decipher the body language of others you meet, along with how to ensure YOUR message gets across in the way you intended.  In this interview, he describes the same techniques and awareness that he teaches to movie producers, coaches, athletes, network marketers, speakers, sales professionals, attorneys, authors, corporate CEO’s, entrepreneurs, children, and many more.

This is clearly Rick’s passion and the way he creates powerful transformation in the world, by transforming the way people communicate themselves, how they see others, and how to decipher the world around them.

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