Want to experience greater peace, happiness, love and productivity?

Carmen Joy

Carmen Joy

Carmen Joy is a returning guest on the Leaders Of Transformation podcast.  In Episode #77, Carmen shared with us the ancient practice of meditation, distinctions between techniques, how to cultivate your daily practice and why breath work is so important.

She also explained how the practice of meditation balances your daily life and allows you to experience a greater sense of peace, happiness, love, and productivity.

In this follow up interview, Carmen expands on her teachings, describing the 3 levels of meditation, including the body, breath and mind, what is oceanic breath, and how to deal with the mind chatter that shows up.

She then leads us through an actual meditation process, from beginning to end, demonstrating the correct use of our breath, and how and what to focus our attention on during meditation.

We invite you to join us in this guided meditation, as Carmen leads us to a higher level of awareness and peace.

Carmen currently studies under Himalayan monk and yogi, His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, and conducts weekly meditation classes and workshops in Woodland Hills, California where she resides with her family.  She offers transformational meditation techniques from the ancient traditions in a group setting as well as individual sessions.

Carmen’s dance and meditation work, taught in a light, playful, and accessible way, has lead her to teach across the US, Europe and India.

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