Coming from a troubled home, Rob Decker found an outlet for his frustration in fitness training, excessive partying, drugs and alcohol.

Rob Decker

Rob Decker

When his ex-girlfriend claimed false charges against Rob, he had had enough. With the intent to end his life, Rob jumped out of a third story window, breaking his back in several places.

In his conversation with us, Rob shares his transformation story, how he found peace in the midst of it all – the police threatening to put him in jail, his hospital bills amounting to well over $800,000, and the doctors telling him that he’d never walk again.

Today, Rob not only walks, he’s healthy, strong, and is a Personal Fitness Trainer at Equinox, a luxury fitness club in Palos Verdes, California. He is also happily married and has a 10-month old son, Caleb, whom he adores.

True transformation begins within, and for Rob, that journey began when he had a heart-to-heart talk with God. Rob describes the incredible peace that overcame him in that moment and how the redeeming promises of God were fulfilled in the weeks and months afterward.

A story of inspiration, hope, and healing, Rob now shares his experience with others so they too can discover the transformative power of God’s love in their lives.

Key Takeaways

  1. If it’s not your time, you’re not going to go.
  2. What is lacking in this world is love.
  3. Be a light into other people’s lives.
  4. Forgiving people who hurt you, frees you and shows them real love.
  5. Your story can change people’s lives, and there is value in every person’s story.
  6. Don’t let fear consume you.
  7. God will fulfill His promises in your life.


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