How do we connect to our true nature?

Chen Lizra

Chen Lizra

Chen Lizra is a TED Speaker, award winning social entrepreneur, Somatic Intelligence life coach, best-selling author and professional dancer. At the age of 20, Chen embarked on a quest for inner healing that spanned many continents and countries. Along the way, she discovered unique tools and insights that she later developed into the Power of Somatic Intelligence.

Today, Chen uses her proprietary methodology to help people come back to their true nature. She specializes in transforming people’s lives by changing behavioral patterns for the better, through bodywork and experiencing. She offers Somatic Intelligence workshops, one on one coaching sessions, training programs and keynote speeches, in order to cause deep transformation within individuals and organizations.

In our conversation with Chen, she shares her personal transformation story and how the 5 elements of the Power of Somatic Intelligence helped her heal the childhood hurts that plagued her and return to her true nature. We explore body language, the magic of Cuba, the art of femininity, and the power of emotional intelligence through the body (Somatic Intelligence). Chen further describes how these insights and tools have impacted her clients’ relationships and overall enjoyment of life, as well as their ability to lead and be more accurate in their decisions.

Whether you are looking to lead more effectively, connect with yourself and others more deeply, or you simply desire to live life more fully, Chen will give you the practical understanding you need to experience it in reality.

Key Takeaways

  1. Somatic intelligence is emotional intelligence through the body, which helps us connect to our true nature.
  2. There are 5 elements of Somatic Intelligence – Elegance, Intention, Tempo, Sabrosura and Mystery. Each are connected to a different aspect of our nature. See image for details.
  3. When we hear something, we don’t get it as much as when we feel it through the body.The+5+Elements+of+Somatic+Intelligence+Model
  4. There has been a shift in culture, where now women in leadership can be in their full power and soft at the same time. This is one of the most powerful states for a woman to be.
  5. If a man is a gentleman, he will not take something forcefully from a woman.
  6. A woman’s edge in business is their communication skills and collaboration.
  7. If you’re not enjoying yourself, you’re missing life as you are living it.

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