What could be possible if you took the limits off yourself and what you believe to be true?


Brad & Kasey Wallis

Brad and Kasey Wallis are authors, international speakers and workshop leaders, with an expertise in elevating consciousness, releasing limitations, lack and need. They have been featured guests on over 400 media outlets such as CNN, Fox News, NBC, and ABC, as well as mainstream radio, podcasts and tele-summits.

In today’s conversation, Brad shares his near-death experience ten years ago where he was ‘gone’ for 8 hours and during that time, talked to a group of high energy beings which he now calls Julius. They revealed to him insight far beyond his current consciousness and thus began a journey of discovery that has led Brad and Kasey to develop a series of expansive workshops and courses, teaching others how to open up possibilities in their own consciousness and how that plays out in their life.

During our chat, Kasey trans-channels Julius and we get to hear their perspective on humanity, consciousness, love and fear, God and the church, and the rhythm between thought and emotion.

Is it possible to speak to high energy beings from a different plane? Listen in and decide for yourself. At a minimum, you will discover a deeper insight into how our brains work, the fallacy of aging, and how to elevate what you manifest into your life.


Key Takeaways

  1. Everybody channels – artists, musicians, writers – any inspirational thought is a form of channeling.
  2. Julius is not about telling you what to think, rather, they are about unleashing your empowerment. When you open to possibilities, your reminding begins to happen.
  3. You are always manifesting. Manifesting is not elusive to you. Conscious awareness manifesting may be elusive to you and that’s the journey of remembering.
  4. Fear has limitation to it. Love has no limitation.
  5. Most people who call themselves atheists are fighting against the imagery that most religions dictate is God-like symbolism.
  6. The way you feel about your perceived thoughts is your identity from within.
  7. You are the master of your experience. Your reality is based on your perception and no two embodiments have the same.
  8. You are always thinking, you’re just not aware of it.
  9. You cannot teach or awaken what you do not know yourself.
  10. Successful people in life are always charting their own course. Somebody else’s course is not your course.
  11. Human beings are afraid of 2 things – how powerful they are and that they can possibly die.
  12. If you are aging, you are dominated by fear-based thoughts. Your body is designed to rejuvenate and be restored.
  13. “Want” is a state of being not doing.
  14. Judgement is the block for everything in your life.


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