Thanksgiving Every Day

This Thursday in the U.S. we celebrate Thanksgiving.  It’s a time to gather together with your family and friends and give thanks for everything you have in your life.  Kinda sounds like something we should be doing every day, don’t you think?  And there IS a lot of talk these days about gratitude.  The real question is whether it has become a way of being, or simply something we acknowledge once in a while, or during our meditation or prayer time.

How often do we thank the people around us?  Your spouse for standing beside you, the security guard at your building, the barista where you get your morning coffee, or the employees who work for you?

Speaking of employees, I’ve had clients – business owners – tell me that they shouldn’t have to thank their employees, they’re just doing their job.  That may be the case, and yet how much more joyfully will they do it when they know they are appreciated?  Instill a culture of acknowledgement and watch how fast your productivity increases…

The same is true for us.  When WE feel appreciated, we’ll do more, and do it more joyfully.  And here’s the good news – we don’t have to wait for someone else to express gratitude to us, we can do it for ourselves!

When I ask clients what are the 10 things they are grateful for right now, they often name their family, work, health, customers, their last vacation, etc.  Which are all worthy to be acknowledged.  Yet what is missing 95% of the time is themselves.

Want to transform your life?  Start by being grateful for who you are and everything you’ve been through, which has made you who are you today.  Humbly acknowledge your strengths, your weaknesses, talents and abilities, and the grace and favor that has shone upon you even in your darkest hours.

When you do that, the spirit within you will begin to soar again.  The inner child that has been locked up in a corner will feel loved and acknowledged, and rather than fight your efforts, will begin to support them because it’s no longer in vain.

Transformation is a shift in perception – a change so dramatic that the thing being transformed can never go back to being the way it was.  The world is ready for a transformation, and thus, it needs more people who have the courage to transform.  Because all change begins with us, just like love begins with us.

Today, and every day, let us give thanks for everything we have in our life.  Just don’t forget the obvious – being grateful for YOU.  There is nobody exactly like you.  Nobody who has the exact same personality, passion, experiences, thoughts… You are God’s masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind creation.  And that’s worth celebrating!.