049: Leonard Kim: Building Your Brand By Writing Online Articles

Leonard Kim has had a plethora of experience working with startup entrepreneurs, ranging throughout the customer acquisition cycle, from sales, marketing, advertising and branding.  He then hit a point in his life where he had to start over from scratch, so he took a year off to reflect on his life.

This reflection time lead him to start writing articles online and within six months, Leonard had acquired 2 million views on his content and was named a Top Writer on www.Quora.com.

During this interview, Leonard shares his journey from working with startup companies to becoming a successful writer, published online in Inc., Forbes, GQ, SEMrush, Slate and The Huffington Post and many others.

In the process, he built a massive online following of well over 100,000 followers collectively throughout multiple social media platforms and has transformed himself into a branding strategist, helping people translate their on-paper experience to an online presence that gains them the much needed credibility in today’s marketplace.

Leonard describes for us how to build your personal brand, the step by step process to starting out as a writer, what to write about, setting up your profile, the importance of choosing the right platform for posting your articles, and how to get picked up by major publications.

You can reach Leonard Kim via social media @mrleonardkim or through his websites at: